Affiliate Programme

FirstVitality run their affiliate programme through their parent company Concept2Commerce Ltd.

As a company they truly embrace the ethos and reciprocity of affiliate marketing and choose only to work with only the right type of affiliate(s).

We do not use third party affiliate aggregation networks such as AffiliateWindow, UKAffiliates or AffiliateFuture as we prefer to work closely with fewer affiliates namely Super Affiliates. We find the cost of entry, maintenance & facility fees imposed by the larger networks very prohibitive, so much so that the great concept of affiliate marketing becomes financially unviable. (In a similar way in which PPC has also become over-commercialised.)

Many networks are also insiting on exclusivity also which frnakly doesn't sit particularly well within our company.

Hence, FirstVitality run their own affiliate programme, using PostAffiliatePro. FirstVitality offer the same tools, offers and bespoke solutions offered by many of the large networks, but offer one very significant advantage...

Higher commissions payouts as we DO NOT bear the large operating overhead imposed by large networks.

Should you wish to join our focussed team of affiliate marketeers then please click the link below..