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Omega 3 is an essential fatty acid. While all omega-3 fats possess immune-boosting qualities, omega-3 fats from fish oil (EPA and DHA) are more biologically potent than omega-3 fat ALA which is found in plant sources such as flax seeds.

Modern diets often lack omega-3. The key HUFA (EPA and DHA) are found only in fish and seafood. Research shows that EPA is more important than DHA for brain function (and for combating inflammation and improving blood flow), so high-EPA fish oils are now popular. EPA, or eicosapentaenoic acid, is one of the long chain omega-3 polyunsaturates found mainly in fish oil. Although fish oil normally contains both EPA & DHA, commonly in the ratio of around 3:2, recent research has been focusing on the effects of EPA.

DHA supports growth and brain development and may be useful during pregnancy and for children from 6 months up to the age of 5. Recent studies have also indicated its use for a healthy heart & circulation and in Alzheimers.

We present a number of pharmaceutical grade oils with higher ratios of EPA to DHA than those found in nature or in standard fish oil formulae. They also contain much higher levels of EPA than those found in high street brands. We believe our oil range includes the best available in terms of concentration, quality and purity and value for money.

Omax3™ - 91% Pure Omega3

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MorEPA Smartfats Fish Oil

Capsule contain 580 mg EPA 80 mg EPA. A natural orange flavoured capsule provides a pleasant taste.... More info

£27.95  Quantity: 

MorDHA Prenatal - Highest DHA Formula

Capsules Contain 63mg EPA 465mg DHA. MorDHA Prenatal is a high DHA Fish Oil and is particularly... More info

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MorEPA Mini Junior - High EPA Formula for Kids

Capsules Contain 240mg EPA 35mg DHA. Pure, clean, pharmaceutical-grade Fish Oil combined with... More info

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MorDHA Mini IQ - Highest DHA Childrens Formula

Capsules Contain 33mg EPA 241mg DHA. MorDHA-Mini has been developed to support growth, and brain... More info

£13.45  Quantity: 

Lignan Flax Oil Complex Liquid by Barleans

IN STOCK With its wholesome, nutty flavour Barlean’s Highest Lignan Flax Oil is a pure, unfiltered... More info

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Essential Woman Capsules by Barleans

Outward beauty is a reflection of inner health. Radiant glowing skin, lustrous hair and strong... More info

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Fortiflax by Barleans

Barlean’s Forti-Flax ground flaxseed provides a cornucopia of naturally occurring nutrients... More info

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