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Rainbow Breezer by CareforAir

A Great Solution For Removing Indoor Air Pollution

Rainbow Breezer by CareforAir

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This highly effective indoor air purifier is perfect if you need clean air around your home or office. Using fresh tap water to rinse your air clean you will never have to buy expensive or awkward air filters ever again. Simply wait for water inside the bowl to go dirty than tip your pollution down the sink, refill the bowl with tap water, switch it back on and that's you literally, "done and dusted".

The Rainbow Breezer comes with a 7 colour light change system which masks the discoloured water during the day and also helps you to relax around the home with the colour which suits your mood.

Using only 16W of power, if you leave the machine running day and night it costs only 5p a day to run. Should you suffer from low humidity around your home or office, this clever machine also replaces lost moisture in the air which is great for your skin.

Your Rainbow Breezer comes with a FREE 100ml Thai Lotus essence (WORTH 7.99) to freshen your home.

We stock 36 different water soluble essences to give you the widest possible choice, all of which are available through FirstVitality.

The Rainbow Breezer is an essential device for Asthmatics, Hay Faver sufferers, Eczema sufferers and those with COPD or other serious breathing related illnesses.

NB. Volume discounts are available for this product please check the chart above right.

To learn more about CareforAir you can visit their website directly at http://www.careforair.com

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220-230V /50Hz

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Who would use it?

The Rainbow Breezer is an essential device for thos suffering from Asthma, Hay Faver, Eczema, COPD or other serious breathing related illnesses.

For removing the stale smell of tobacco it is truly fantastic.

Should you also have low humidity then you will find The Rainbow Breezer very useful.

Those wishing remove pet smells and cooking smells also find this item very helpful.

Model: CFA-RB100TL
Shipping Weight: 1.65kg
Country of Manufacturer:  UK

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Product added on: 28/08/2008

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