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Portable Home Steam Sauna Pods

Your own Spa at Home for Slimming, Cleansing & Relaxation

Makes a thoughtful & Unusual Gift - only £139.99 inc. VAT

All the health and fitness benefits of a quality portable steam sauna in your own home.

This portable steam sauna is the most affordable sauna on the market for all pockets and does away with inconvenient visits to the gym or health clubs. And no plumbing is required. Steam is created from a simple-to-use generator, providing plenty of heat to raise the temperature!

The strong, yet lightweight construction makes it easy to assemble or disassemble, use and store.

This is such a quality unit that it's even being used on Channel 4's "The Salon" for guests! And has been regularly featured on other TV channels

Weight Control

A good diet and regular exercise in combination with your steam sauna will help you keep fit and healthy.

Detox & Body Cleansing

Body toxins, pollutants and the stress of modern living are major causes of many health problems. A short time in your portable steam sauna and you will experience a special feeling of well being as your body releases harmful fluids from deep within your system, naturally and safely.


The original stress management technique! There is nothing quite like a sauna to relax you after a hard day at work. With regular use you will sleep better and feel more alert.

Other Information

The frame of this product has been made from the highest quality aluminum. The material used on this product is tough and durable and will last for years.

The zip has been designed and made to the highest standard for this product and it also has a double headed fastener for easy use from both inside and outside the tent. The seat has been designed to conform to the contours of the body for maximum comfort and is strong enough to withstand 160kg in weight and has been tested to BS safety standards.

Our saunas come with a 2 year manufacturer's guarantee from date of purchase.

The weight of the sauna packaged is 15kg including the boiler (the boiler weighs approximately 2 kg and has a 5 litre water capacity). For dimensions, click here

Sauna shown from the front with hand holes closed and neck hole flap closed.

Sauna shown from the front with hand holes open and neck hole flap closed.

Sauna shown from the side (without the steam generator) and neck hole flap closed.

Sauna shown open from the front. Shows the inner cushioned seat in position and ready to use.

Showing the sauna fitted with the steam generater to the rear
Your Own Fantastic Home Spa System!
Portable Home Sauna
Seen on Big Brother?
This is THE "Steam Pod" used on Channel 4's "Big Brother " & "The Salon"
The Salon
As Seen on TV
Featured on "This Morning" They described it as "A Sensational Relaxation Idea"
Also featured on 24 Hour Quiz, Sky TV, & in numerous National Newspapers & Magazines

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