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Carnosine (L-Carnosine)

Carnosine - Anti-ageing Benefits Combined

High Strength Carnosine
90 Caps x 500mg
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High Strength Carnosine

Carnosine has so many youthful benefits it almost seems difficult to see how one simple dipeptide can have such a tremendous effect on rejuvenating the body. Carnosine has an outstanding ability to rejuvenate old cells (senescence cells) into healthy cells. It has always been thought that old cells could not be rejuvenated until carnosine was studied.

It currently appears that most cells can only divide so many times, but the higher the carnosine levels the more times cells can divide. Therefore, the healthier we can keep the cells by keeping older cells from aging as fast, the longer the time between cell divisions, the longer life can be.

Carnosine extends cultured human fibroblast life-span, kills transformed cells, protects cells against aldehydes, against an ß-amyloid peptide fragment (characteristic in Alzheimer´s disease), and against alpha-Synuclein produced in Parkinson´s disease, and it inhibits, at least in vitro (in the test tube), protein glycation and DNA/protein cross-linking.

In a recent article, Dr Marios Kyriazis reported that his patients who take carnosine supplements often receive comments that they simply look younger. This may be a reflection of the phenomenon observed in 'in vitro' experiments which show that carnosine actually rejuvenates older cells in culture (Hipkiss 2002), and 'in vivo' animal experiments in which carnosine prevented the development of visible features of aging.

In that study, carnosine significantly delayed the appearance of skin ulcers, periopthalmic lesions, spinal lordokyphosis and behavioral responses of aged animals. In another recent article, Russian scientists reported that not only did the carnosine-fed mice appear much more youthful than controls, but experienced a 20% increase in lifespan.

And rumours have it that Boris Yeltsin (the Russian ex-president) has been on the "Russian supervitamin", i.e., carnosine, for some time, as he now looks ten years younger.

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