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Carnosine (L-Carnosine)

Carnosine - Scientific References

  • High Strength Carnosine
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    High Strength Carnosine

    Abe H. Role of Histidine-Related Compounds as Intracellular Proton Buffering Constituents in Vertebrate Muscle. Biochemistry (Mosc) 2000;65:7

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  • High Strength Carnosine
    90 Caps x 500mg
    Was £49.99
    Now £29.99
    High Strength Carnosine

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  • High Strength Carnosine
    90 Caps x 500mg
    Was £49.99
    Now £29.99
    High Strength Carnosine

    Kang KS, Yun JW, Lee YS. Protective effect of L-carnosine against 12-O-tetradecanoylphorbol-13-acetate- or hydrogen peroxide-induced apoptosis on v-myc transformed rat liver epithelial cells. Cancer Lett. 2002 Apr 8;178(1):53-62. (PubMed)

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  • High Strength Carnosine
    90 Caps x 500mg
    Was £49.99
    Now £29.99
    High Strength Carnosine

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  • High Strength Carnosine
    90 Caps x 500mg
    Was £49.99
    Now £29.99
    High Strength Carnosine

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  • Further references at PubMed, search for ´carnosine´.

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