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Carnosine (L-Carnosine)

L-Carnosine - A Short Historic Review

High Strength Carnosine
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High Strength Carnosine

Carnosine was discovered and its structure determined in the very beginning of the 20th century by the Russian scientist W. S. Gulewich. It was the first and the simplest example of biologically active peptides (actually a dipeptide), opening the long list of widespread natural protein regulators of metabolism. The first decades were dedicated to studies of structure, distribution, and properties of the compound. The it was understood that carnosine has a direct relation to the function of excitable tissues like muscles and the brain.

In 1953 another Russian scientist, S.E. Severin showed that carnosine effectively buffered lactic acid, produced by working muscles, and that adding carnosine substantially increased the contractility and endurance of the muscles. As the carnosine is consumed, the muscles accumulate lactic acid, the pH decreases, and the muscles get tired. When carnosine is added, the muscles recover almost immediately and contract like they never had been exhausted. This is known as the "Severin phenomenon".

Everybody who has some experience in sports, has experienced how physical fatigue feels, and he or she will understand the immense importance of supplementation with carnosine in sports event.

Widespread interest in this natural nontoxic substance has only recently been increased, fueled by dramatic Australian and British discoveries about its antiaging actions. Carnosine's antiageing properties have only been extensively studied during the past few years even though we've known about it for almost a century. However, the most striking research came in 2002 from the USA where Dr Michael Chez´s team reported data on the carnosine´s dramatic effects on autistic children (view report).

At this writing, the MEDLINE data base includes over 900 published studies on carnosine.

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