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Testimonials (Copyright)

Mrs Every, age 62: Vasculitis, Wegeners Granulomatosis - November 2005

I have been a chronic asthmatic since 18 months old. A great deal of my childhood was spent in hospital suffering from severe bronchitis and pneumonia. In 1980 I developed problems in the sinuses and polyps were removed in 1982. Infections then became commonplace requiring antibiotics at least 5/6 times a year.

In September 2004 a sinus infection needed 3 courses of antibiotics to clear it, all the time my blood pressure was very high. Joints became swollen, every muscle ached, eyes were sore, throat was half closed and a rapid pulse controlled the least activity, needless to say I was totally exhausted the whole time.

I was placed on the list to see a consultant; at this time I spent most of the day watching TV (muscles were too painful to hold a book). It was then I saw the Airnergy machine demonstrated by a doctor on a morning TV programme. We purchased a Professional model and I began using it daily. Thank goodness I had it!

It took 7 consultations and 14 months to get a diagnosis. The condition is extremely rare (1/100,000) and is a form of vasculitis (the blood vessels become inflamed and swollen) and is an autoimmune disease that can affect all of the main organs and the digestive system. It occurs in people with a history of sinus conditions and asthma.

Using the Airnergy machine daily (twice most days) and drinking the water afterwards has definitely damped down the pain and taken the edge off the symptoms.

There is no cure for this condition and the medication includes cytotoxic drugs over a long period. With this I will definitely need to use my machine every day. The most dramatic change I noticed when using the machine, although very poorly I had only 1 sinus infection during the whole 14 months!

D. Cross, M.E., Coeliac Disease, Food Intolerance, Endometriosis – October 2005

ME diagnosed 1989

Muscle and joint pain along with headache and lack of concentration due to brain fog. Intercostal muscles, torso and tops of legs (muscle areas that are the worst).

Often dizzy, especially when tired, and get light-headed. Therefore do not drive or go out alone.

If I need to go out more than 200 yards would use wheelchair.
Sometimes get depressed with my existence but most of the time try to be positive. My job helps keep me sane. I phone companies from my home to try and get new business for my employer. I can only manage about 6 hours per week on a good week.

If I pick up any illnesses, then I usually take longer than a healthy person to get over it.

My stomach often aches, and often have diarrhoea and upset tummy.
I find crowded places difficult and extra tiring.
Coeliac Disease, diagnosed 1988
On gluten free/wheat free diet

Intolerance to Dairy products – York Pharmacy Test – 2002

Don’t eat Dairy products, eggs or yeast.
Tap Water – Nutritionist suggested 2002 only drink bottled water and also cook with bottled water.

This I have done since 2002. If on the odd occasion this has not been possible and I have consumed tap water it has usually resulted in a stomach upset and diarrhoea.


Naval bleeds slightly every month when I have a period.
Originally suggested to have Hysterectomy due to heavy periods and Iron Deficiency – Problem helped with fitting of Mirena Coil
Often also have abdomen pain

Airnergy Professional Plus

On 1st June 2005, I purchased my Airnergy Machine. My family and I had looked into the benefits of the machine and felt that I must give this a go.

After 3 days on the Machine using it twice a day for 20 minutes I feltI had more energy, and actually went out with my husband on an outing for the first time in years. We went to the grounds of a stately home (about ¾ hour drive and then my husband pushed me around the gardens in my wheelchair – but I also got out to his surprise and walked some of the time). We were out of the home for about 3 hours and I enjoyed myself immensely and although I was in discomfort on the journey home it was worth it to have done something which most people find to be normal.

I have now been using the machine for 4months and can say that my health has improved and my quality of life also. I believe this is due to Airnergy. I get a better quality of sleep at night. My brain fog is diminished and I am able to do more than before. Last week I actually drove the car for the first time in years on my own and took the dog to the park. Before June this would have been impossible. I still have some ME symptoms but to date they are less than they were and I recover quicker from any upsets. I am still hopeful that my health will improve even further and I feel that I am starting to live my life again rather just existing in pain.

My family and friends have seen great improvements to my health and state of well-being. I am more fun to be around. My feelings are so far so good and long may it continue. I would encourage anyone to give Airnergy a try to improve their health.

Regards, D. Cross

E. Tait – October 2005

Since using the “Airnergy” I have experienced much greater energy and general mental alertness. As a 78 year old handicapped person, this is quite something!!

J. Wilkinson, M.E. – August 2005

After one week of treatment: I have had some promising results from the Airnergy. As I told you last week, I was very sick last year but have recovered to an extent this year. With this in mind I thought I might be strong enough to cope with 20 mins. at 100%. So I have now done five days of three treatments of 20 mins. at 100%, and another two today so far. To begin with it made me yawn my head off and I had to go to bed afterwards. And it is still making me feel tired in the evenings and I sleep like a log. But it also energised me enough in the day to do things around the house that have been neglected for a long while. Today I am shattered but I am hopeful that this will pass.

I have spent some years trying to educate myself about the Krebs cycle, because I felt it to be important, and I have the sense that the Airnergy gets the body back in the aerobic mode and out of the inefficient anaerobic mode. Over time this can only be better and better news for my health.

I have had a lot of problems with my sinuses and the Airnergy has really helped and continues to do so. I feel the sinuses draining during treatment.

An interesting thing that I wasn't expecting is that arthritic pains that have been getting worse and worse have subsided as well, specifically a pain I have in my right hand from a combination of old injuries. This has been severe enough to make it hard to write, and hold a toothbrush. When it is very bad I bandage it. This pain is much more mild now, and I can only think that it will subside further.

I just wanted to thank you and all the people at the factory in Germany as I am very grateful. It is almost 19 years since I was first ill (back in the days when it was post viral syndrome) so although I might have lost almost two decades I feel there is the opportunity now for some quality of life in the future.

A.Wiel - Lung Sarcoidosis, July 2005

I can hardly find the words to describe everything that has happened to me.

If you remember, my first appointment with AIRNERGY was on 26/04/2005. I don’t know what impression I made on you, but I think I must have seemed very depressed, worn out, stressed and listless. That is exactly how things were for me - very bad. I had lost 10 kg. I was only managing to sleep for 2-3 hours a night.

One of the initial tests I underwent found a possible overactive thyroid, but there was no clear diagnosis so I first had to take 50 mg of the thyroid hormone Eferox. After 4 weeks I underwent further tests (still without Airnergy), but still no definite conclusion was reached. I was told that if my thyroid was overactive I should be prescribed a radioactive drug, but I did not want this. I was then told that I should take Eferox again for 8 weeks, but should increase the dosage to 100 mg. I was feeling really wretched and irritable and was continuing to lose weight. Then I told you about my lung sarcoidosis, which began 15 years ago. I found breathing more and more difficult; I could no longer climb the stairs, or run or dance. I underwent a bronchioscopy and was diagnosed with Morbus Boeck, which could only be brought under control with cortisone tablets and spray and singulair tablets. As this illness had not been diagnosed until very late on it was almost too late for me. This illness still continued to cause me problems. My blood oxygen levels were abysmal. At that time my lowest reading was 58, 70 would have been a good medium reading. Time after time x-rays revealed shadows and areas of thickening in both lungs. Lung function was never at its best. After the first period of cortisone treatment (2 years) my lung specialist said to me, I would not have thought that we could get you back to this stage. In other words, that I would to a certain extent be able to breathe again properly. But there was still no question of sport and the like. The years passed, some good, some bad. Then by chance I heard about AIRNERGY and this aroused my curiosity.

In any case, to cut a long story short, it’s fantastic. Since I have been using AIRNERGY I no longer have an overactive thyroid and have been able to discontinue the medication immediately (why bother taking it?). And the most important thing of all, my lung is once again in top condition. X-rays no longer show any shadows, there is no evidence of pulmonary striae and my oxygen level, which was 63, taking as a starting point the last reading taken in November 2004, is now 82 after 3 months of AIRNERGY therapy. That’s great isn’t it? Many thanks, AIRNERGY!!!!!! And then there are all the other positive side effects; for example, I can now sleep through the night again, brilliant!! And because I am going through the dreaded change I was always being dragged down into depressive phases, but now I no longer have any reason to be depressed. I am once again full of energy and somehow now have the feeling that I must turn my life inside out..

Once again, very many thanks AIRNERGY.

PS: This is no fairy story – it’s AIRNERGY.

Dr. Claire Bowen, M.E. / C.F.S / Fibromyalgia – March 2005

Just a short note to say how fantastic I think the Airnergy+ Device is. As you know, I was first diagnosed with M.E. when I was 8 years old, and although I've had periods of good health since then, over the past 3 years I have been very unwell, unable to work as a hospital doctor and have been bed-bound for significant periods. Like many people with M.E I have tried numerous different approaches to treatment and spent hundreds of pounds in the process. Although the Airnergy device seemed like a lot of money in one go, it is definitely the best money I have spent since becoming ill. I have been using it daily for 3 weeks now and feel better than I have done in years. My pain levels have greatly reduced, my energy levels are significantly improved, my brain-fog has virtually disappeared (and prior to this I was often unable to hold a sensible conversation) and my vision has never been clearer (in fact my optician says my eyesight in my left eye has actually improved; the first time in nearly 20 years). Although I still have a long way to go to leading the "normal" life I hope to achieve, I feel a new hope that this may actually be possible. Of course I still feel worse after "doing too much", but these periods are not nearly as catastrophic as previously. To tell you the truth, if I wasn't experiencing this myself, I'm not sure I'd believe the dramatic effects the machine has had, but I have experienced it, and I have no doubt that its effects are very real.

Thank you for your advice regarding the machine and your support in getting this far. I hope someday that everyone with M.E. will have access Airnergy+.


I have now been using my Airnergy device regularly (twice daily) for nine months and I still consider it the best money I have spent since becoming ill. The initial improvement I experienced has been sustained and over the past few months my health has improved more and more. I have not used a walking stick in over 5 months. I am able to drive distances, walk easily, exercise, think ‘normally’, talk and socialise without feeling completely ill and exhausted. Although I am wary of jinxing my newly found good health, I have to say that my energy levels are stable, my brain fog non-existent, my pain virtually disappeared and the myriad of other symptoms characteristic of this confounding condition also almost forgotten. Combined with the other aspects of my self-imposed protocol (glyconutrients, lymphatic therapy, diet and physical and mental exercises), my Airnergy device has helped me get to the point where I am looking to start part-time work – something which seemed totally inconceivable just a few months ago.

Frances Ensor Age 65 Female – November 2004

Diagnosed with:

  • COPD (Chronic Obstructive Pulmonary Disease). Had lung washout. Constant sputum cough up daily.
  • Osteoporosis (lower spine and pelvis)
  • Rheumatoid Arthritis
  • Osteoarthritis (left knee and hip)


  • Unable to walk more than 250 yards and could not walk the dog
  • Completely breathless
  • No energy
  • Poor appetite
  • Constant head aches
  • Skeletal pain in shoulders and upper arms
  • Hands knarled and fingers lumpy caused by osteoarthritis – cannot grasp or twist bottle tops off
  • Not sleeping well at night
  • Uses inhalers for bronchitis and breathing rate uplift

Commences using Airnergy+ Professional as directed on 2nd November 2004 twice daily (a.m. and p.m.)

Results to date 16/12/04

  • Reduced usage of inhalers from 3 times daily to once daily
  • Peak flow rate was 200, now 300 (verified by medical check-up)
  • Rejoined gym course weekly (as advised previously by local COPD unit but had to stop due to lack of energy)
  • Much more energy, able to walk the dog up to ½ mile a day
  • Go out shopping now on demand, before no inclination to go out, no breathing difficulty now.
  • Improvement in circulation, extremities e.g. feet and hands are really warm and healthy, previously were like blocks of ice.
  • Hands previously lumpy and reduced strength, now lumps have gone and have increased strength.
  • No need now to posticulate lungs in order to clear mucous, mucous (natural) comes out easily with no effort
  • Good appetite.
  • Sleeping in a natural pattern.
  • Family is delighted with the improvement and friends have commented that I look much better.

Chris Nicolaides, April 2005 – M.E., Fibromyalgia

Extract from series of e-mails printed in “Outreach” – the newsletter of Network MEsh for people living with M.E. in West London.

My first surprise came the morning after I first used Airnergy. I didn’t sleep well and woke up finally at about 5.30 a.m. and couldn't go back to sleep. I actually did a little work (I write music) while having another 20 minute session on the Airnergy. I did need a short nap at around 10.00 a.m., but I don't remember the last time I was up at 5.30 without feeling extremely tired.

After 2 weeks: I really wanted to have a 'normal' Xmas with my family so I did far more than usual, and ate all the wrong foods and therefore would have expected to have a big 'crash' within a few days. The big surprise to me is that I haven't had a crash, just two small 'dips' that lasted a day each, in what has been a very busy 3 weeks. I can't believe how much I managed to play with my kids, and also help my wife, who is now 6 months pregnant.

Before purchasing the device, I spent time studying the results of clinical trials done in Germany, spoke to one of the directors of the company that make the device, and most importantly, spoke to a 65 year old lady with Rheumatoid Arthritis that is walking again after being bed-ridden, having used the Airnergy device for about 10 days. After a month she told me she was able to go for walks even though she is awaiting a hip replacement operation.

After 4 weeks: I did have a mild 'crash' a few days after a party, which lasted 3 or 4 days. I was still able to drive around, help with the kids etc, but my energy level was low. I should have expected this really, as I had pushed myself very hard for about a month without much of a problem, and don't forget, this is still early days. I was told to expect 3-6 months before seeing any serious benefits.

I know some are sceptical about this device, and I can only tell you of my personal experience with it. Am I generally feeling better due to a Placebo effect? Highly unlikely! How can I be so sure? Well, 2 reasons actually. Firstly, of all the myriad of drugs, therapies, healings, supplements etc that I've tried over the past 2 years or so, the only things to have benefited me apart from the Airnergy have been Glyconutrient supplements and a dietary change to a low carb diet. Secondly, I don't believe a 'placebo' effect would avoid me having a bad 'crash' after over 4 weeks of 'pushing' myself! Yet, I'm still going... Many far more expensive treatments have made no difference to me. If I am susceptible to 'placebo', one of these should have had an effect, yet I had absolutely no improvement.

My friend (who also has M.E.) has now used the Airnergy twice and had a very similar experience to me after her first session. She too woke up much earlier than expected and had more energy. She also had comments from friends that she was looking much better! I've had 4 or 5 friends tell me (independently) that I am looking much better than they have seen me in a long time. Something must be happening!

After 6 weeks: It has been a pretty good 2 weeks, especially considering we are having major building work carried out in our house, and it has been noisy, dusty etc. I haven't had any 'crashes', major or minor, and have had a lot to do, what with supervising the building work, making some music, and all the usual family things, so I'm very pleased. The headache is still permanently there, but is at a tolerable level, where I can actually do some creative work. This has been one of the most frustrating things for me about this illness; not being able to do my job, but I have managed to do a little work almost every day now, which is a real blessing!

I'm able to play pretty good tennis twice a week as well, and my strength has improved. One of the ways I gauge this is by how long I can hold my youngest daughter (almost 3 now) before getting too tired. I remember when she was born, shortly after I became ill, and I couldn't hold her in my arms for more than about 15 seconds before my shoulders got 'fatigued'. I can now hold her for almost a minute and she is much heavier than when she was born!

After 11 weeks: The building work in our house continues, BUT I'm still going, and more importantly, NO CRASHES! I have been able to supervise the building work AND do one or two hours of creative music making every day. Yes, the headache still persists as do most of my other M.E symptoms, but they are not as strong and I definitely have more energy overall and most importantly, less 'brain fog'.

I am very excited about the prospect of returning to good health this year thanks to this device and the dietary changes I have made.

After 18 weeks: I'm still in remarkably good shape overall, although I got 'hit' by some sort of stomach bug just over a week ago, which I am still not completely over. Still, I have been managing to do some 3-4 hours work on some good days and at least 2 on other days, even with a dodgy stomach!

I had another M.E sufferer (a musician friend) try the Airnergy, and he was so sceptical about the device. Well, after only one session, he called me the following day to tell me that for the first time in ages, he had the desire and ability to make some phone calls. He has now been back 5 times and is scheduled for Airnergy sessions twice/week. I have seen a changed man within a week. From being extremely depressed and telling me things like 'I don't know if I can carry on like this', he is now talking about hiring my studio to produce some music!

He is now the third person with M.E including myself that has tried the Airnergy and all three of us experienced an improvement within one session.

I urge you all to please just try the Airnergy. It does work. If it didn't, I would have sent it back and got a refund from my credit card company. This is without doubt the best £3,500 I have ever spent. I can finally see my life progressing in a positive, functional way, after almost 3 years of wondering if that would ever be possible again.

C. Toone-Hollis – May 2005

As you are aware, I purchased an Airnergy Professional Plus earlier this year following an ITV “This Morning” report on medical developments. Dr. Chris Steele spoke very highly of the benefits of Airnergy, which prompted me to make more enquiries. I felt this may be of benefit to my elderly parents.

My mother has Heart Failure and severe Dementia (aged 83). My father (aged 86) has chronic lung problems (emphysema). Dad has always been a very keen gardener and a very active man, but for a long time has been unable to do very little more than just sit in his chair. Since using Airnergy he is now gardening again and enjoying his life far more. Mum has much more clarity of thought and a clearer mind. Life has become far better for them both.

I contacted Chris Wright at BioLife Solutions Ltd, who was extremely helpful during my many calls, and purchased an Airnergy.

I am so grateful to Chris Wright and Dr. Chris Steele for introducing me to this wonderful machine.

Thank you Airnergy for improving mine and my parents quality of life …

J. Miron, Heart Condition - May 2005

On the 16th October 2002 I had a heart attack followed by a cardiac arrest. With no previous history of health problems, only ever having been in hospital to give birth to my children, you will appreciate this was somewhat of a shock. It took the medical staff nearly two minutes to revive me but during that time my heart was deprived of oxygen resulting in some damage to the heart muscle.

There was a great deal of weakness and sickness involved in my attempted recovery. I have to say I believe, rightly or wrongly, that the amount of drugs I was taking were partially responsible. Life was not good and I often wondered why the doctors had used all their medical training to bring me back.

There was a recovery of sorts but the sickness continued unabated. I learned to accept the bad days (which were often) and started adapting. As chief cook in the household of many years standing I prepared the meal as far as possible in the morning, never knowing if I would have the energy come the afternoon. I lived with the frustration of having been 'very active' and now knew it simply was not possible.

On November 12th 2004 I experienced acute renal failure; it was another touch and go situation. Again I survived. However, now I was really weak finding stairs difficult, even getting in and out of my car was difficult.

I caught the tail end of the TV presentation about Airnergy+ and investigated on the website. I shilly shallied for about 3 months as I thought it was a lot of money. My medication had been reduced by 60% so being nauseous became occasional as opposed to regular but absolutely everything continued to be an effort. Finally I made the decision to go for it, the Airnergy machine that is.

I have my life back with the machine. Not 100% but so very much improved from where it was. I am currently reupholstering six dining chairs, gardening, cooking with ease and dealing with workmen on a regular basis to complete renovations.

On Easter weekend I had two separate sets of guests round to eat and coped with the work and conversation very well. Socialising on that level had gone by the board; I simply had ceased to have the ability to do it. Previously when I got the meal to table I would have lost my appetite and just wish they were all gone.

To anyone being as indecisive as I was - why waste three months?

Andreas Nieswandt (Naturopath):

Patient report No. 1 - Asthma

Ms Julia D. from D., 21 years old, trainee

Diagnosis: asthma, hay fever, various allergies

Therapy started: April 2004

Therapy: The patient showed no reaction to a medicinal therapy. When the hay fever season began, the patient complained of extreme breathing difficulties. As I did not want to burden the patient with unnecessary expenses, we arranged a series of free sessions with Airnergy professional, once per week over an indefinite period. After the first session the young lady reported that she was able to breathe better and that she felt "somehow different". Naturally, she was rather sceptical and thought that the change in weather could be responsible for this. After the second treatment she had no hay fever and also no further asthma attacks. Since then she only comes into my practice sporadically, when she feels that she “has to do something for herself”. I quite often do not see her for three or four weeks at a time. According to Julia D., during this long period everything is stable and she has no need for treatment. She has had no further asthma attacks nor has she experienced hay fever attacks. To date she has only had five sessions!

Patient report No. 2 - Asthma

Mr H. from G., 60 years old

Diagnosis: asthma, diabetes

Comment: Mrs H was being treated in my practice for macula degeneration. During her treatment her husband, Mr H., told me that he suffered from asthma attacks and had to “spray every day”. He also reported extremely higher sugar levels. Especially in the morning, according to him, his sugar level was 250. While his wife was having acupuncture treatment I offered him to try a session with Airnergy professional free of charge. This became two sessions with an hour gap between. The next morning Mr H. reported that his sugar level was 150. In addition, he also had not had to spray his medication that day. I offered him two more Airnergy treatments, which he gladly accepted.

Four weeks later we talked with each other on the phone. Mr H. told me that he had not had a single asthma attack in the last four weeks and that his sugar level had stabilised. The sugar did not fluctuate as much as before, but instead remained stable at a much lower level than previously.

I would like to stress that the therapy for both patients was exclusively Airnergy treatments, with no supporting medication. Now I use Airnergy as a support for almost all my patients and never cease to be amazed at the rapid success.

Mrs F. Willison, July 2004, U.K. – Emphysema:

I purchased an Airnergy+ Professional Plus device approximately 2 months ago, and with continual use, I am finding it very beneficial to my general health and quality of life.

Esme Wiesmeyer Sept. 2004 – Chronic sinusitis:

“I am 69 years of age and have been suffering from chronic sinusitis since the age of 19. Various treatments over the years have, unfortunately, not given me satisfactory and permanent relief from my condition. I should add that I have the sinus problem on the right side and the left side has been virtually unaffected.

Four months ago I started a novel treatment through the Airnergy Singlet Oxygen Therapy. After two weeks, within which I had six treatments, my sinus problem lessened by 80 – 90% to my utter surprise. I have been fortunate to have been able to receive further Airnergy treatments since then and I can say that not only have I been able to maintain the excellent results, but I have also been experiencing a marked general improvement in my energy level.

On several occasions when I thought I was going down with flu I underwent an Airnergy treatment and the flu symptoms started disappearing while I was having the treatment. The sinus congestion in my nose and throat faded away and I got through this past winter without any illness.”

Shera Delain – Post Polio Syndrome and Arthritis Whiplash, Frozen Shoulder, TMJ, Fibromyalgia and Immune Deficiency Syndrome

My first experience with the transformative energy of the Airnergy+ systems was in November 2001.

Someone loaned me a small handheld device called the NES Stream with the simple instruction "place this where the pain is for 5 - 10 minutes 3 times daily”.

For me that meant almost continuous use. I had many areas that needed attention, some chronic from Post Polio Syndrome and Arthritis while other problems were the result of a serious car accident 5 years earlier which left me with Whiplash, Frozen Shoulder, TMJ, Fibromyalgia and Immune Deficiency Syndrome. I underwent major surgery in 1996. I was using a motorized scooter and getting help from friends with shopping and getting around. I was in my early 70's and I had given up hope of restoring my previous level of health.

I used the NES Stream, moving it from place to place on my body changing every few minutes until I had done all the main areas, I would take a break and start all over again.

After only a few days I had considerable relief. I then purchased my own NES Stream and continued to heal. The first outer indications were apparent within weeks.

  • I could bend a finger that had been immobile for many years.
  • My neck and shoulders had a wider range of motion
  • My TMJ (Temporal Mandibular Joint) and the Trigeminal Neuralgia pain were relieved.

In July 2002 I purchased what is now known as the Airnergy+ Professional device. It is based on the same principle, to stimulate the immune system so the body can heal itself, and it works on a global scale. Where the light acts on a local area the breathing device disseminates the energy to every cell in the body via the lungs and bloodstream. This has allowed my body to boost the immune system dramatically. In a few months the changes became noticeable to everyone around me. All aspects of my life were improved.

  • My thinking became clearer
  • My sleep patterns normalized
  • My energy lasted longer each day.
  • My fibromyalgia went into remission.
  • My body became more fluid
  • My hair stopped falling out
  • My skin began to glow
  • Liver spots on my hands began to fade.
  • Cellulite was re-absorbed
  • Macular degeneration has not worsened
  • My thyroid levels were within the normal range for the first time in many years.
  • My motorized scooter now sits idle except for extra long journeys.

I list here only the major, measurable changes, but there are many more subtle effects that increase my quality of life daily. Friends who had not seen me for several months were amazed at the changes in my appearance and my abilities to move about.

I do not understand the process that has created this great difference in my quality of life. I have read about ATP, ADP, Mycoplasma, Singlet Oxygen, Photosynthesis and other explanations of the science involved.

I will continue to search for the why, but for now it works and I do not put anything unnatural into my body. I trust the process. I will continue to use my Airnergy+ Professional Plus and my NES Stream daily.

Thank you for your great work in creating these devices.

Franziska van Almsick, Olympic Swimmer:

"As a competitive athlete, one demands a tremendous amount of ones body, and that weakens the immune system over time and leads to illnesses which results in loss of training time. With the AIRNERGY+ system, I was able to stay completely healthy during the intensive training phase and therefore I could consistently train to the fullest extent."

Eric Knott, CEO CIAR Gruppe Switzerland - Stress:

"As marketing director for an internationally operating group of companies, I am stretched quite thin professionally: It is necessary to regularly put in 60 hour work weeks, to take 1-2 intercontinental flights and 2-3 flights within Europe per month, and spend 50,000 km per year on the road just keep the company alive in this difficult environment. The personal consequences are predictable: one has t

Please use for information on prices

Airnergy Professional Plus
for private and clinical usage against almost any type of chronic disease
for fast regeneration
to protect against free radicals
Airnergy units: 4
recommended application*: 15 min
Airnergy Wellness
for all ages when you are in good health
for prevention
Airnergy units: 2
recommended application*: 30 min
Airnergy Stream

for local pain treatment
helps accelerate and improve self-healing and regeneration processes
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