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How is Airnergy Used?

Airnergy is really very easy to use. You place a lightweight nasal cannula, which is included in the delivery, on your nose. Then you start breathing the air that flows from the device. Relax and take things easy – preferably for around 20 minutes each day.

Airnergy devices are very easy to operate and require virtually no maintenance. So that absolutely nothing can go wrong, a detailed user manual is included with every device.

All devices are manufactured with the greatest of care in a production process which has been audited by MEDCERT. This ensures the highest possible level of safety in daily use.

You can enjoy Airnergy and completely switch off.

Six simple steps to use the application

1. Fill the bottle to a third with water and insert it into the device 2. Insert the bottle adapter into the device
3. Insert the tube from the nasal cannula into the device 4. Place the nasal cannula on your nose
5. Ensure that it sits properly 6. The device is now ready to use

Please use for information on prices

Airnergy Professional Plus
for private and clinical usage against almost any type of chronic disease
for fast regeneration
to protect against free radicals
Airnergy units: 4
recommended application*: 15 min
Airnergy Wellness
for all ages when you are in good health
for prevention
Airnergy units: 2
recommended application*: 30 min
Airnergy Stream

for local pain treatment
helps accelerate and improve self-healing and regeneration processes
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