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Airnergy is the 1st technology to make the air we inhale utilisable. After all, we exhale ¾ of the oxygen in the air we breathe – our number 1 food and remedy – again without utilising it.

What is Airnergy?
We humans breathe. But why?

Our body needs the oxygen in the air that we absorb by breathing. This oxygen is “burned” in the body’s cells. This generates the energy that we need to live.

But our organism is not able to utilise all of this oxygen. We exhale 3/4 of the oxygen again without utilising it.

To give the body more energy there is no sense in breathing in more oxygen, which we cannot utilise anyway.

Airnergy helps the body utilise the existing oxygen in the air we inhale much better. If you want to know how this works, take a look at the Airnergy film.

The Airnergy film

In an easy to understand way this film explains the significance of optimum utilisation of respiratory air and how to operate the Airnergy devices. Hospital physicians, scientists and private users tell about their experiences with Airnergy in interviews.

But before you'll see a part of the ITV television show "This Morning Show" that explains Airnergy and its multiple fields of use.

View Film

To watch the movie you'll need one of those free movie players:

Download Windows Mediaplayer
Download Quicktime Player

You may download the movie to watch it later. To save the movie to your harddrive please right-click on one of the following links and choose „Save Target As...”.

Download movie
for Windows Media Player, approx. 31 MB

Download movie
for Quicktime Player, approx. 33 MB

Please use for information on prices

Airnergy Professional Plus
for private and clinical usage against almost any type of chronic disease
for fast regeneration
to protect against free radicals
Airnergy units: 4
recommended application*: 15 min
Airnergy Wellness
for all ages when you are in good health
for prevention
Airnergy units: 2
recommended application*: 30 min
Airnergy Stream

for local pain treatment
helps accelerate and improve self-healing and regeneration processes
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