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Depression, Mood & Stress

Health News: 14.Aug.2002

Stressed? Take your vitamins and fish oil

When a person is under stress, the physical responses of their body use up nutrients and leave the immune system weakened. Adrenaline is released to deal with an immediate threat, and when this risk subsides, cortisol is released, which stimulates hunger. People are advised to be aware of their tendency to eat more when feeling stressed, and encouraged to snack on crisp fresh vegetables, rather than cakes and biscuits.

Scientists believe that the physical outlet for stress involved in crunching on a vegetable can dissipate pent-up anger. Vitamin C is needed for the production of adrenaline, so readers are advised to ensure they get an adequate daily supply if they are under pressure.

Cutting back on salt, and boosting the intake of oily fish or fish oil capsules are also advised.

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