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EPA, a natural way to beat depression
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Depression, Mood & Stress

The Natural Way to Beat Depression:
The Groundbreaking Discovery of EPA to Change Your Life

Based on the latest cutting-edge research, this book uncovers the pioneering discovery of EPA as an effective treatment of -even the most severe- depression.

Depression has now reached epidemic proportions in most Western societies, and with orthodox treatment only offering medication with serious side-effects, recovery is often a long and painful process. But now a new solution is emerging that is safe, effective and entirely natural. By ensuring an adequate supply of EPA - a nutrient contained in oily fish - Dr Basant Puri has achieved incredible success even in patients who have failed to respond to any conventional treatment. Now, for the first time, he reveals why omega 3 and 6 fatty acids are so extraordinarily effective - and how we can incorporate EPA into a healthy lifestyle to gain from its remarkable benefits ourselves. In his breakthrough book he shows us:

  • Why EPA works as a treatment for depression
  • What - if anY - are the side effects
  • How much to take for the treatment of depression

This book comes highly recommended by us here at 1st Vitality and is available to order through (Make sure you order the new version published in 2005) - please read it, it really could change your life!

About the Authors

Dr Basant Puri is Consultant Psychiatrist and Senior Lecturer at the MRI Unit for the Imperial College School of Medicine, and is Honorary Consultant in Imaging for Hammersmith Hospital's Department of Radiology. He is a leading expert in the use of EPA for depression and has been involved in medical research for about twelve years. His papers have been widely published in international journals and he has written several books.

Hilary Boyd was educated at Roedean and London University, and is a qualified nurse, trained at the world famous Hospital for Sick Children in Great Ormond Street, a marriage guidance counselor, journalist and writer. A depression suffer herself, she has a keen interest in the problems of depressive illness.


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Uncovers the pioneering discovery of EPA as an effective treatment of - even the most severe- depression. .
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