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The Truth about Hair Removal
How does Vector Compare to other hair removal devices?
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Vector Electrolysis Professional Hair Removal System

How does Vector Compare to other hair removal devices?

Vector vs. Radio Frequency Devices

Have you been sorely disappointed by that useless gadget you bought from a department store or a television infomercial? Was it not any different that simply tweezing your hair? Yes, it was a complete waste of time and money.

Radio frequency devices work on the concept that radio frequency (RF) energy gets transmitted by the electronic tweezers down the hair shaft. RF energy is similar to the energy produced in a microwave which causes a heating effect. The heat will dehydrate and coagulate the hair bulb and the papilla. Unfortunately, hair cannot conduct current and therefore radio frequency (an alternating current) will not move or flow down the hair shaft. There will be no dehydration or coagulation of the hair shaft.

There is some heating of the actual hair that is in contact with the tweezers due to friction heat caused by spinning water molecules. Heat can potentially travel down the hair shaft but none of it will actually reach the hair follicle. This is due to the fact that these devices have an FDA assigned frequency of 27.12MHz and a power output of 1.5 Watts. This wattage is so low that it takes 60 seconds of RF energy to increase the temperature of the hair follicle by 2°F.

Now consider the following; it takes at least 108°F to cause any kind of damage to the hair follicle. With the normal body temperature of 98°F, you will have to hold each hair for at least 5-6 minutes, one by one, to see any kind of result whatsoever. No one would ever make that kind of a time investment.

Vector vs. Laser

While lasers are now a very effective method of hair removal, this method is not permanent and the treatment is very expensive. Here is some additional information you might want to know about lasers.

  • Lasers only work on people with very light skin.
  • Lasers do not work on people with gray, red, or light hair.
  • Lasers can’t be used on sensitive skin.
  • Laser treatment is very painful.
  • Lasers can’t be used on areas with moles, freckles, or scars.

In comparison, treatment with the Vector™ machine works on any individual is far less painful, and the results are permanent.

Vector vs. Battery Operated Devices

Do you really think that the hair removal device you saw in some catalogue or infomercial that uses a 9V battery is going to remove hair permanently? We are completely amazed when we see commercials for various hair removal products and the absurd claims made by these manufacturers. Let us settle this claim once and for all - there is not a single battery operated device on the consumer market that can permanently remove hair or cause any reduction of hair growth. It is no different then simply plucking your hair with regular tweezers.

The battery powered devices put out only about ¼ W of power and usually operates on radio frequencies. These devices cause a slight rise in temperature inside the hair shaft that can theoretically travel down into the hair follicle and after holding the hair for approximately 10 minutes produce enough heat to actually cause some damage to the follicle. This means that you can potentially remove 6 hairs per hour and hope that those hairs do not grow back.

The Vector System delivers the full power of a professional electrolysis machine, just like the machines used in professional electrolysis salons. This means that you can finally own a hair removal device at home that truly lives up to its claims.

We guarantee that every single hair properly treated by the Vector System will never grow back. No other manufacturer can make this claim.

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Vector Hair Removal System
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