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Vector Electrolysis Professional Hair Removal System

If you have embarrassing unwanted hair, you can now get rid of it permanently in the privacy of your own home. The Vector Hair Removal System is the only medical grade electrolysis device available to the consumer.

  • The Vector System uses the process of electrolysis to permanently remove hair, unlike other battery operated radio frequency devices (such as Igia) sold on infomercials.
  • Offers the same results as professional electrolysis, but without the use of a needle.
  • Very easy to use, simply grasp the hair with the tweezers and after a few seconds a chemical reaction occurs in the hair shaft and causes the hair follicle to dissolve and loose it ability to grow hair.
  • The hair that was treated is permanently removed.
  • A meter on the front panel shows exactly how much power is being applied during treatment.
(now available for UK use)

How it Works

  • An electrode patch is placed anywhere on the body (this patch is used instead of the metal rod used during conventional electrolysis for better comfort during treatment). This patch is then connected to the ground wire and plugged into the Vector. The second wire is plugged into the tweezers.
  • The supplied conductivity gel is coated over the hair (the conductivity gel allows hair above the surface of the skin to conduct electricity, without the conductivity gel the hair has a very high resistance and will not conduct electricity even at lethal voltages) and that hair is then grasped with the tweezers as close as possible to the skin without actually touching the skin.
  • The current will flow from the tweezers down into the hair follicle, causing the watery environment inside the hair follicle to react with salt, resulting in Sodium Hydroxide. If you were to put just a drop of sodium hydroxide on your skin it will burn a hole right through. This chemical process is what dissolves the hair follicle and therefore the hair will never grow again.

You can very quickly treat various types of facial hair, although large areas such as the legs and chest will take a long time since hair is being treated one at a time. The Vector System is the best investment you can make for the following reasons:

  1. You pay for the machine just once, but get to keep it for a lifetime and perform unlimited treatments.
  2. Get the same results as professional electrolysis but in the privacy of your own home, and without paying up to £75 per hour for electrolysis sessions.
  3. No need for inconvenient appointments at the salon.
  4. Unlike waxing, shaving, or tweezing each hair treated by the Vector System is permanently removed and will never grow back.

No Needles Used

How much time do you spend every month tweezing your eyebrows?

Now imagine tweezing your eyebrows with the Vector System instead and then after just a few treatments never having to tweeze your eyebrows again!

You will save yourself hundreds of hours of aggravation and will never have to worry about that embarrassing stubble that comes just several days after tweezing.

Not Just for Women!

Men with very heavy beards can use it to treat random hairs to permanently reduce the amount of hair growth to get a cleaner look when shaving.

Even the sharpest razors will not give you a very close shave if the beard is very thick and coarse. After treatments with the Vector System you will have reduced hair growth making shaving smoother and less irritating. Alternatively, some men may prefer to completely remove the entire beard.

Either way, all of us have some unwanted hair that we wouldn't mind getting rid of. Isn't it worth just a one time purchase of £99 (plus VAT) to own the Vector System and never have to worry about unwanted hair again?

The vector system comes with a foot pedal that plugs into an input on the rear of the unit. When the foot pedal is plugged in, the current only flows when the foot pedal is pressed. The addition of the foot pedal makes treatments much more efficient and comfortable since it allows more precisely positioning the tweezers (the optimal position for the tweezers is as close as possible to the skin, without actually touching the skin). This accessory comes with the vector. It is necessary to use the foot pedal to ensure the most efficient and comfortable treatment.

Buy it Now
Vector Hair Removal System
Now available for the first time in the UK
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