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The Truth about Hair Removal
How does Vector Compare to other hair removal devices?
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Vector Electrolysis Professional Hair Removal System

The Truth about Hair Removal

Have you tried using all kinds of different gadgets, razors, waxes, depilatories, and magic lotions and still have unwanted hair? The truth is, none of these methods work and will only leave you disappointed, as well as waste your time.

Here is another fact:

The only known method of permanent hair removal is electrolysis. But anyone who has undergone electrolysis treatments will tell you that it can be quite intimidating to have a needle inserted into each hair follicle over and over again. Perhaps most intimidating of all is the cost; electrolysis treatments are on average £30-£75/hour and require at least one session a week for a period of several months to over a year. An alternative is to undergo laser hair removal, it will take less time to treat large areas but it will cost more then electrolysis per session and the results are not even permanent. You will have to continue with the treatments periodically to maintain the results.

Consumers have spent millions of pounds on products that have no effect. There is no magic lotion or device that will get rid of unwanted hair overnight. If you have been fooled into purchasing those products by false advertising you may be reluctant to believe our claims as well. Rest assured that you will have real results and PERMANENT hair removal. The Vector™ is your professional electrolysis in a small box.

DS Laboratories stand behind their claims 100%

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Vector Hair Removal System
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