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Emcur Nasal Cleansing System


emcur douche with saltsWe believe EMCUR® Nasal Care & Cleansing System is the only Drug-Free alternative for sinusitis, rhinitis, allergies, hay fever, snoring and other nasal troubles of its kind in the UK.

If you have suffered for years from sinus or other nasal problems and are still not getting relief, it is time to start treating yourself with our unique and effective system.

Start treating yourself with the EMCUR® Products if you suffer from:

  • Allergies (hay fever, dust, pollen)
  • Catarrh
  • Chronic Infections
  • Chronic nasal dryness & crusting
  • Congestion
  • Endonasal surgery
  • Nasal Polyps
  • HHT
  • Post Nasal Drip
  • Rhinorrhoea
  • Rhinitis
  • Sinusitis
  • Sjoegrens Syndrome

Benefits of the EMCUR® Nasal Douche & Cleansing Salt:

  • Moistens nasal passages
  • Washes out mucous, bacteria, pollen & dirt
  • Removes scabs after endonasal surgery
  • Reduces swollen & congested nasal and sinus tissue
  • Supports & reactivates the function of the cilia
  • Irrigations are simple to carry out
  • Drug-free & Safe for children and pregnant women
  • Easy to clean and very hygienic
  • Reusable & can be sterilised

How does it work?

The Emcur® Nasal Douche is a specially designed and moulded medical device for the cleansing of the nose andthe sinuses with a drug-free isotonic saline solution made with the natural Emcur® Nasal Cleansing Salt.

The Emcur® Nasal Douche, initially developed for the removal of scabs and crusts of blood in the sinuses and nasal passages after endonasal operations, enables patients to carry out a thorough irrigation of the nasal passage with a saline solution. Studies have proven that nasal douching is a valuable and effective treatment for various sinus and nasal diseases.

To carry out the cleansing (douching), empty one sachet of the Emcur® Nasal Cleansing Salt into the Emcur® Nasal Douche, add lukewarm tap water, screw the cap on and mix the solution.

Insert the nozzle into one nostril, open your mouth wide and lift your index finger off the cap. The solution flows into one nostril, rinses round the septum & turbinates and discharges from the other. It moistens the mucous membrane & the nasal passages and gently removes any trapped & dried secretion, bacteria, crusts, pollen, scabs, etc.

The epithelial cells and mucosa can regenerate and the cilia (the fine hair in the nose) can resume its normal function of transporting the mucous to the back of the throat where we unconsciously swallow it.

Regular nasal douching helps to prevent bacteria from settling on the mucous membrane thereby reducing the risk of infections of the upper respiratory tract.

The procedure does not hurt and the sensation to be described is that of swimming with your head under water (although here you can still breathe through your mouth).

What is the EMCUR® Nasal Cleansing Salt?

The naturally occurring Emcur® Nasal Cleansing Salt is a salt mixture which is obtained through gentle evaporation of the thermal springs of Ems in Germany.

These arise from the source in the Ems mountains saddle about 73 metres deep below the earth's surface and on emerging they have a temperature of around 580C (1370F).

To obtain 1 gram of salt, 350 ml of thermal water must be evaporated - a costly effort, which can only be justified on the basis of the exceptional composition and extraordinary healing quality. Ear Nose and Throat Consultants recognise this and are recommending the EMCUR® Nasal Cleansing Salt regularly to their patients.

The main components of the EMCUR® Nasal Cleansing Salt:

a) cations: sodium, potassium and small amounts of lithium, calcium and magnesium

b) anions: bicarbonate, carbonate, chloride, sulphate and small amounts of fluoride, iodide and 30 additional minerals and trace elements.

EMCUR® Nasal Cleansing Salt is in its composition considerably more complex than sodium chloride (cooking or common salt) and sea salt, as it contains numerous ions which are important for the vital processes of human cells.

The high concentration of bicarbonate results in an alkaline state (pH 7 - 8), in contrast to the acid to neutral state of common salt (pH 6 - 7).

  • Magnesium, calcium and potassium have decongestant properties.
  • Sulphur plays a part in anti-allergic defence mechanism.

EMCUR® Nasal Cleansing Salt is carefully refined and its purity achieves the most beneficial effects, which will not be achieved by using common salt, as the latter contains harmful additives (anti-caking agents).

'Home made' solutions can have a too low or too high concentration and could cause damage to the lining of the nose - the mucous membrane.

Nasal cleansings with solutions made from the salt of Ems have been used successfully in Germany for more than 18 years for the treatment and management of sinonasal diseases and diseases of the upper respiratory tract.

We recommend using only EMCUR® Nasal Cleansing Salt with the EMCUR® Nasal Douche, as each sachet is exactly measured to the volume of the douche.

Why is nasal hygiene so important?

The main function of the nose is to warm, clean and moisten inspired air. Tiny whiskers in the nose (the cilia) usually transport mucus and contaminants to the back of the throat, where they are swallowed or expectorated.

Frequently, this function is inhibited, for various reasons, e.g. air-conditioning units circulating germs and bacteria, central heating causing dryness, pollen dust & air-pollution leading to poor air-quality, smoking & medication, and the mucous membrane does not function anymore, which often leads to diseases and infections of the upper respiratory tract.

Use in a medical environment

Ear, Nose & Throat (ENT) Specialists recognise the effectiveness of the EMCUR(r) Nasal Douche & Cleansing Salt and are increasingly recommending or prescribing (private prescriptions) them to their patients. This enables patients to carry out a dignified and efficient cleansing of the nasal passages, thus moving away from the current practice of sniffing from the cupped hand or using a syringe to try to treat themselves.

It also allows patients to stop using drugs and steroids with harmful side-effects, which are often the cause for secondary illnesses.

In the 21st Century, one would have thought that all health professionals and institutions would provide the same level of standard of care. Unfortunately, this is not the case. Often, lack of funds or costs are used as an excuse, prompting patients either to suffer unnecessarily, due to antiquated and inadequate treatments, or having to pay themselves for their recovery.

Drug Free Relief
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