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Emcur Nasal Cleansing System

Quick Instructions

The Emcur® Nasal Douche is a gravity-fed device and by closing the hole in the top and squeezing the douche, the irrigation pressure can also be increased.

The spout is an opening and closing valve. To open the valve - move the spout up. To close it - move the spout down.

We recommend you do a trial run before your very first irrigation.

Quick Instructions

Stage 1

Wash the douche and nozzles thoroughly in warm water.

Fit one of the nozzles into the spout and move the spout down (the valve is now closed)


Stage 2

Take one sachet of salt, shake it well and empty it completely into the douche.

Fill the douche with lukewarm water until the marking "Max"

Stage 3

Screw the cap on and then cover the hole in the cap with your index finger.

Shake the douche until the salt is dissolved.

Stage 4

Move the spout up, plece the nossil into one nostril, open mouth wide (keep heard straight), lift your index finger from the hole in the cap and the irrigation will begin.


Stage 5

To rinse the other side, close the hole in the cap with the index finger, swap over douche to your other hand (with index finger still covering the hole), then place the nossil into nostril and take the finger off the hole.

You can squeeze the bottle to increase pressure.

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