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Emcur Nasal Cleansing System

We tests the Sinus & Nasal Care System

EMCUR® Sinus & Nasal Care System -
The UK's only Drug-Free alternative for sinusitis, rhinitis and other nasal troubles of its kind.

If you have suffered for years from sinus or other nasal problems and are still not getting relief, it is time to start treating yourself with our unique and effective system.....

"Like many people in the NW of England, I've had sinus problems since I was a child. In fact, I don't know what it feels like to breath through 2 nostrils at once, because I never have!

The consequences of not being able to breath properly for me have included sinus pain, nose whistles in the night, nasal sounding voice, snoring, oxygen deprivation, tendency to breath through the mouth and I even blame my asthma on it too. It's almost like having a constant cold.

I did visit an ENT surgeon a few years ago for some advice - which I didn't take because it sounded far too painful to contemplate. Oh yes - my GP prescribed a steroid based nasal spray, but warned me not to take it too often as it had side effects. So, I've put up with it for 40 odd years without any real option for help - until I came across the Emcur Sinus & Nasal Care System.

I was approached by the manufacturers and was naturally immediately interested in the concept of being able to improve my sinuses without resorting to either painful surgery or drugs.

How I used it

The bottle is filled with warm water and the contents of one of the spa salts sachets. You mix together the two by gently shaking the bottle.

Here comes the clever bit - the douche is designed not to leak out water until you're ready to use it. You place one finger on the top of the bottle and place the lower arm (which has a round end) just inside your nostril.

When you're ready to start the douching process you remove your finger from the upper hole and then the natural pressure of the water in the bottle feeds warm water into one sinus and out through the opposite sinus and back out through the opposing nostril. To stop the flow, you simply place your finger over the upper hole again. You use half the water on one nostril and the other half on the other nostril. Ideally you should repeat the therapy each day. Full instructions are supplied with each kit.

In between treatments I used the nasal spray which comes with the kit, this is particularly useful at night, when the problems with breathing are at their worst (I am an asthmatic).

My Comments

  • I was very surprised, because I hate getting water up my nose - but this doesn't hurt at all - in fact it's quite comforting, especially if you have sinus pain or a sore throat.
  • It feels quite strange at first, but you get used to it with a little practice - but it isn't unpleasant and the results make it worth the effort
  • After a few days I noticed that my nose whistling disappeared, my sinuses were clearer and I found it easier to breath and my voice sounded much less nasal
  • I would warmly recommend the therapy to anyone with rhinitis or sinus problems"
Drug Free Relief
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