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Emcur Nasal Cleansing System

About the Emcur® Drug Free Nasal Spray (20mls)

The EMCUR® Nasal Spray is a natural and drug-free daily nasal spray, that moistens, cleanses and relieves the mucous membrane from colds, congestion and dry nose.

The spray is a tried and tested high-quality medical product.

What does the EMCUR® Nasal Spray contain?

EMCUR® Nasal Spray is a pure mineral salt nasal spray which contains precious bicarbonate ions and the natural spring salt of the Ems thermal springs in Germany.

Ingredients: 100ml solution contain 1g mineral salt mix and purified water. Analytical data of the mineral salt mix: Ions in g/kg: Sodium 356, Potassium 9.2, Bicarbonate 173, Chloride 449, Sulphate 11.5 (NB> 1 bottle contains 20mls)

EMCUR® Nasal Spray is guaranteed to be free from preservatives and additives.

When to apply EMCUR® Nasal Spray?

EMCUR® Nasal Spray is used for moistening and cleansing the nasal mucous membrane. This is important to ensure a regular mucus transport during coughs and colds. Moistening is also very beneficial when the mucous membrane is drying out due to environmental circumstances, e.g. air-conditioning and central heating. Precious bicarbonate buffers inflammations and liquefies dried mucus, which help you to breathe clearly again.

The EMCUR® Nasal Spray is bottled without preservatives in a special spray system and open bottles can therefore be used up to 6 months after opening.

Suitable for infants, children and adults.

Made in Germany.

A great partner for using in conjunction with the Emcur Nasal Cleansing Douch

Drug Free Relief
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