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Emcur Nasal Cleansing System

Testimonials - User Comments

"I have been using Emcur for about two months having used Nasocort and other topical nasal steroids for about 12 years to treat allergic rhinitis and vasomotor rhinitis. I initially used the douche twice a day and have gone down to once a day over the last two weeks.

I was not expecting instant results but I have noticed a gradual improvement, particularly over the past week or so. Although I have a degree of hay fever it is not now a problem and I usually only sneeze a few times when I get up in the morning and later in the evening. My anosmia has also improved to the point where my sense of smell is around most of the day but is still affected by vasomotor problems, eg changes in temperature, alcohol. I have also noticed that I don't get tickly throat and ears much at all, my throat isn't so dry and I don't get sleep in the corners of my eyes. I also don't have a problem with congestion at night.

I didn't know what to expect but my nose now feels as though it is 'working properly' and not all dried up with chemicals.

I am going to see an ENT consultant on Monday to check on nasal polyps and I shall take my douche and a sachet of salt to show him!"

- Mandy, St Albans

"I bought your product about a year ago, maybe less, can't recall. The charming woman who answered my call immediately gave me confidence that your company and product were very genuine, and the results for me have been absolutely dramatic.

I was getting repeated infections but was not in need of an operation of any kind. I was getting desperate and had started to need time off work, as well as it having affected my social life.

Irrigating with the Emcur flask immediately started improving my condition, literally within days, and since then I've had very few infections (which didn't last as long as before), normal sinuses, and hardly a cold at all.

I feel sure the Emcur flask was the cause of my success, and I offer you my best wishes and warmest thanks."

- Tom, High Wycombe, Bucks.


"Not so much an enquiry as a thank you. I have suffered from allergies, sinusitis and general trouble in the nasal region for years. Conventional medication has helped briefly, but has always failed to give me a lengthy respite from the symptoms. This is the only time I can honestly say that I have had continued relief for any length of time. Thank you very much."

- J M Glen

If you'd like to share your experiences of using the Emcur system with others, please contact us. Your anonymity will be respected.

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